• Four Key Reasons to Buy a Camper Trailer

    If you like the thought of hitting the open road, but you need a cost-effective alternative to an RV, you may want to consider a camper trailer. While they're more comfortable than a tent, they cost less than a motorhome and don't require as much space as a caravan.  Camper trailers cost less than an RV RVs aren't just expensive to buy; they cost a lot to maintain too. Insurance costs soon mount to thousands per year, which is a lot to pay when the vehicle isn't in continuous use.
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  • Tent, Hammock, or Tarp: Which Shelter is Best for Long-Distance Hiking

    If you're heading out on a long-distance hike, choosing your shelter is going to be one of the most important decisions that you make. The most fundamental decision comes down to whether you want a tent, a tarp, or a hammock, so use this quick and easy guide to ensure that you make the right choice. Tent  Tents are undoubtedly the most common shelter choice, and that isn't just because they are also the traditional option.
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  • Full, Porch, or Canopy? Find the Right Awning for Your Caravan

    Anyone who is serious about their caravan will likely have thought about taking an awning along with them; after all, having one means more space, plus a measure of protection from adverse weather. However, you'll still have to choose the best type to meet your needs. Here's a quick rundown of the available options. Full Awnings  Full awning are large structures that often fit right over your whole caravan like a large tent.
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