What Camping Equipment Do You Need?

Posted on: 22 August 2019

If you are in the market for camping equipment, visit an outdoor equipment store. It will house almost everything you might require. The only thing you might find challenging is knowing what to buy to avoid under or over purchasing. To help you out, here are things you need to know:

The Basics

You should already know the basic things required when camping. They include flashlights, sleeping bags, cooking supplies (stove, cutlery, crockery, knives, etc.), clean water, first aid kits, camping chairs, tents, etc. Some of the places you camp might offer some of these supplies at a fee so you need to ask. Compare the costs of renting and buying and also how frequently you camp. If you frequently camp, just buy your gear. It is economical in the long run.

Where Are You Camping?

Consider the climate of the region you are camping in. You want to cater for cold and hot climates. This helps you know when to purchase heavy and warm coats, hats, gloves, boots and clothes in general. You also need to know the weather forecast.

What Activities Will You Be Undertaking?

The activities you undertake when camping also determine which items to buy. Different activities include biking, hiking, swimming, rafting, boat and canoe, bird watching, photographing, fishing, etc.

Biking requires you to purchase a bike and biking clothes and shoes. When hiking, you need comfortable hiking shoes and clothes as well. Check the weather to know whether you will buy warm or light clothing.

When swimming, you might need a bikini or shorts. Some people prefer a full swimsuit. The same case goes for boat and canoe activities. For the latter, you might need to buy a kayak or raft.

Bird watching and photographing may require a camera and binoculars. Binoculars may be provided at a fee by the camp facility, but it is good to have a pair of binoculars if bird watching is something you do frequently.

When fishing, you require a fishing rod, hook and bait. You might also need a bucket if you are to carry the fish back for food.

Always Do Your Homework

Once you identify where you want to camp, make a call to find out what provisions you can get and what you have to purchase. You may also get additional information you might not have thought to ask for.

It is considered wise to camp on grounds where you pay a small fee because security and additional services are guaranteed.

You can still camp on free grounds, but you might have to spend more on camping equipment.  

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